Patrols & Alarm Response


Our Patrol division facilitates all areas, resulting in coverage in 24/7 state-wide patrol and alarm response. We assure you that we have the local knowledge needed to keep you and your valuables, either physical or financial, protected. Our expensive security patrol and alarm response team operates every minute of the day. Our highly-trained and experienced Patrol Officers are trustable to look after your properties-whether it is industrial, commercial or residential. Not only that, but we also monitor our patrol fleet through the GPS tracking and Uni-guard technology, we can keep an eye on what is happening, and can quickly respond to any alarming situation or incident anywhere under our surveillance. The patrol tracking technology also enables us to provide our clients with evidence of service delivery and ensuring accountability. It is a guarantee that you are getting the service that you are paying for.

Our Patrol Division also facilitates industries at a wide range. Examples of the premises that can benefit from a professional security patrol service includes:

  • Shopping & Retail Centres
  • Education Facilities such as schools and universities
  • Financial Institutions
  • Recreation Centres
  • Construction Sites
  • Industrial Sites
  • Factories
  • Commercial Properties
  • Nursing Homes and
  • Private Residence

It is not necessary that you need to have a business or commercial foundation to get our Patrol services to protect your property; we also attend to alarm activations and conduct patrols at private residences. Our Patrol Division can be alerted directly by you or your staff or by your alarm monitoring company if any security-related threat takes place or an alarm goes off.

We respond rapidly as our security patrol vehicles operate in localised areas, coupled with GPS technology, so our response time to any alarming situations or incident call-out is very quick. And our industry leading alarm reporting software means we can email reports and alarm response outcomes in real time, so you are aware of happenings at your premises as soon as they happen.