Security Guards


Security guards are kept for very important reasons. Your security personnel should be worthy of your confident and you must be able to count on them to perform their duties. If you don’t trust your security guards, then they are of no use to you or your business. Security Integration Solution gives you highly trained, professional and experienced Security Guards, available 24/7 to assist you with your security requirements. Your trust on your Security Guards is the most important.

We do understand our Security Guards are the first thing a person sees when they visit you. We also understand how important image, professionalism and customer service is. That is why we are committed to only employ the best suited for the job. Our security guards pride themselves on always maintaining a professional and courteous approach whilst protecting the interests of the client being the priority. All of Security Integration Solution security guards go through stringent screening and training requirements.

Our Security guards receive additional security training specific to the client/site that they are assigned to. This includes emergency procedures, site contacts, fire safety and more depending on the requirements of the site. The regular ongoing training of our security guards ensures that their skills are enhanced, and the security guards excel in all aspects of security operations including security related laws and regulations. SIS provides security to many different sites for many different reasons. Sites that benefit from having security guard services on site include:

  • Hotels/ Motels
  • Education Facilities such as schools and universities
  • Shopping & Retail Centres
  • Airports
  • Corporate Offices and Buildings
  • Production and Industry Sites
  • Construction Sites
  • Gatehouse Security

SIS can also deliver security guards to workplaces during times of employee unrest, for example industrial disputes, protests and terminations. We also offer to provide security guards for private residences and private events, for your protection, for the protection of your family, your friends as well as your property and assets. Our highly efficient security guards can also act as concierge. If you need a friendly and yet strong presence to protect your property assets, staff and guests, SIS security guards are the perfect solution.

Our Security Guards will not only maintain a strong physical presence to deter and detect criminal activity, they can also:

  • Greet guests and staff and assisting with any enquiries
  • Monitor the arrival of staff/ guests and ensure the safety and security of the building
  • Provide security outside of the building and notify the proper authorities if staff/ guest safety is of concern
  • Respond to emergencies such as fire alarms or first aid request, maintaining order and assisting staff/ guests to follow proper procedures to ensure safety
  • Answer the telephone and assist with queries where possible
  • Signing in of guests/ staff and contractors