Our Clients

“Great work guys, I needn’t have to worry about any single thing with you taking care of all the things. Thanks. Highly recommend Security Integration Solutions.” – Joshua. M
“I think the intelligence products you have been putting out have been exceptional, certainly miles ahead of what I get from other sources in terms of quality, specifics and most importantly timeliness, both with regards to information delivery and proximity of the notifications to actual events occurrence.” – P. Long
Overall, I was impressed with the teams look, and attitude. Everyone was ready, willing and able to complete all tasks put before them. My only suggestion is keep doing what it is you are doing. This was my 6th event of this type, with the help of your staff, we ran a great, safe, secure, and efficient operation from every aspect.” – S. Young
Security Integration Solutions assessed our property and gave me and my wife sound advice on what we could do to give us greater peace of mind. The technician was on time for the installation and finished quickly. Working with Security Integration Solutions has given me a great deal of confidence in how they conduct business.” – Josh Mitchel
“We have greatly appreciated the professionalism and service over our many years of being a Security integration solutions customer and the peace of mind we enjoy from being secured by a local security company.” – David Griffith
“Many thanks. We have found the reporting very interesting – the tactical briefs which we have used to our advantage.” – Kerri Mosco